What happens when a spicy food can resist the virus

I still remember that about 30 years ago, when I was a child Who are reading many different types of books, especially science and technology books Which is something that people have always loved to read In those days, the food industry was developing a lot. In processing food products to be convenient, fast to consume as well as able to have a long shelf life Until many scientific magazines are of the opinion that In the future, the human world may have a craving for food in the form of capsules. That can contain all the nutrients in a single capsule.

However, over the past 30 years, what is contained in most developed capsules are only vitamins and mineral supplements. There was not a complete capsule diet. Consumer behavior today Want to eat food that is delicious in taste Colorful, appetizing face Fresh and organic Which has been happening for the past 30 years, especially the trend in healthy food intake

However, after the covid-19 infection occurred, in my view it was What will change in the future will be the consumption of food that is more valuable to resist disease. Especially food that uses vegetables and herbs as an ingredient 

For example, the dining culture of India That is used a lot of spice Which considering the ability to inhibit the growth of various types of microbes of spices in India Should be able to inhibit various pathogens Nevertheless India, which lacks complete public health care Must encounter a large amount of covid-19 infected people. However, I hope that with the high amount of infection May not be related to the number of Indian deaths. 

One of the countries that has a small number of people infected and has a small number of deaths. One country is Thailand. We will find that many of Thailand’s regular food is hot and rich in spices. Whether it is stir-fried basil, tom yum kung, which in fact, people in Thailand do not eat tom yum kung every day But look at the nature of the people in Thailand tend to eat foods that are quite hot, especially the food called papaya salad

Although there is no clear research yet that eating a spicy or spicey diet will reduce the risk of various infections. But in theory We may find that eating this type of food helps to stimulate the body’s immune well enough.

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