The future of the house after the covid-19 crisis. What kind of house is best?

After the Kovic-19 virus crisis had passed, of course it was not now. One thing that the author has a clear feeling that Style and fashion for future home designs may change, of course. What could happen? Is that each house that was redesigned after the covid-19 virus crisis might look like this

  1. The room has been designed to be separated In case there is a need to manage the sick person in the house to be able to clearly separate from others
  2. The house has an area around the house which can make a small garden. Or cultivate vegetables Some herbs around the house. Seems to be a very good idea And may make this style of house more in demand than living in the condominium type
  3. For people who need to live in an apartment or condominium May need to design an access system, screening Whether measuring temperature or in the future, there may be tools available to measure the risk of various types of infections. Installed to screen people in and out of the building. The
  4. role of iot will be much higher than before. Report tracking results Including access to the movement positions of people That must be reported to the public health authorities when certain events occur, may be adapted for people in some countries that are ready
  5. I truly believe that a detached house Will become a house with a higher demand than an apartment or condominium, at least a home in the style of a townhouse or townhouse Would be better

However, with the new forms of coming out of the house, more worrying is After the covid-19 virus crisis has passed, real estate is likely to be much more affected than ever before. Because the purchasing power of an individual has decreased significantly A lot of people are unemployed. Many types of companies and industries have to shut down because the demand of consumers is greatly reduced. Therefore, those who still have money left and still have houses to live Will adjust to stay in the same house first In order to insure the risk of not being able to buy a new home and not being able to pay in the end, resulting in enormous debt in the future 

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