Thailand, a very livable country

After the crisis, the virus spread to the world. Until more than 5 million people were infected. Initially, China was the country with the first covid-19 virus. Thailand is the country that has the second highest number of people infected in the initial stages. However, Thailand has measures for all groups of the spread of this virus very effectively. It is considered that the decision of the country’s leaders, including the medical team that came in to brainstorm In solving this problem, the covid-19 virus shut down in Thailand was quickly resolved.

 1 of the things that Thailand has And show the power out in this crisis that is an effective public health system Although before this, Thailand was reputed to be a country with a poor proportion of physicians per population But with a management system that covers all levels of the population Causing all citizens of Thailand Able to access medical care immediately

Thailand has hospitals in many countries. Whether it is a public hospital that has cheap medical expenses Or whether a private hospital with excellent service, only requires a bit more cost Not yet included a small clinic, which allows people to see a doctor easily.

Many countries around the world have limited access to hospitals, especially during the covid-19 virus. Some countries do not allow patients to be admitted to the hospital on the grounds that they do not have enough symptoms. To the point that he had to take care of himself at home with only a fever relief medication Which has a tremendous impact causing a large number of deaths

In the case of Thailand If you know that a person is at risk of being infected with the covic virus There will be health officials at many levels. He took care and quarantined the area and brought to the hospital quickly. In addition, medical expenses are also very cheap compared to other countries.

In the long term, Thailand is one of the most livable countries. Especially in regard to public health services Convenient, fast, economical There may be a lot of foreigners who may forget. Come to live in Thailand In addition to having good weather, tourist attractions are also interesting. Whenever illness or discomfort is easy to be hospitalized. In addition, Thai people are also people who are generosity and kindness to their world friends. Thailand is therefore a very livable country. 



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