Grow you foods, that ‘s the way of living

The author strongly believes that after the covid-19 virus crisis has passed, not many people in the world will be concerned in the place they are currently living in. Is that really safe? Because in many situations, in many countries where the covid-19 virus outbreak, the environment around May be one of the factors that causes the spread of the trend is likely to increase or decrease.

If anyone has enough money or resources May choose to move to a country with appropriate living conditions Be safe Instead of choosing to live in a country that is unable to struggle with any of the recent outbreak of the disease.

The nature of the country or area that is probably the most suitable place for living May look like this

  1. The right temperature is not too cold and not too hot and there should be enough rainfall for consumption and consumption throughout the year. We can see that during the covid virus crisis, low-temperature countries There is often a fast spread.
  2. Have a suitable ground for cultivation This is an important issue. Because when there is any crisis Whether the spread of disease, war, other disasters If finding food cannot be done by going to the market and buying things back Staying in areas that can be cultivated or raised by animals is one good way. During the covid-19 virus crisis, the author found that we were able to grow a small vegetable at home for consumption without having to go to the market. In addition, any country that can raise animals is even better.
  3. Have suitable tourist attractions Suitable for rest Which, of course, most of the world, admiring the sea very much Maybe it’s because of ancient times when we were small organisms. May make us often have the desire to go to sea again But for the author’s personal opinions There is a preference in the forest forest more than
  4. Is a country that is currently growing economically That day means you are able to find work there. In addition, if that country has flexible rules for foreigners to pursue careers Would be especially good to work in that country

Actually, there are still many factors and many reasons for choosing the area to live in. The movie Vidyavav’s movie Finally, please everyone is safe. Live a quality life 

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